Design:         Riccardo Belli

Product:        Cutlery

Year:             2014

Material:       Stainless steel, silver

Technique:    3D printing


Although the joint suggests the cutlery consists of two different materials, it does not. According to Belli, the way a material is fabricated or wrought gives its own identity to it. The fine layers and details in the mouthpieces that give the product a very artisanal appearance,are actually 3D printed. Often 3D printing is criticized for not having any 'deeper' character or soul. Uniqueness is often linked to 'one-of-a-kind' pieces which can not be reproduced. But in a way the layering also depends on a certain factor of coincidence, a 'uniqueness' which depends on the properties of the printer. In this way the layers which will build up the product can not be reproduced and will be unique in its own way.