Emotion is as much important as functionality.

This designer, who was born in Maastricht (1992), regards food and cuisine as a universal language that everybody understands. "Not only the differences, but also the similarities of expressions and table manners tell me something about human behaviour," he says.

In Belli's opinion, emotion and functionality are design aspects of equal importance. He thinks that designs can broaden our horizons in emotion, poetic, experimental and functional terms. According to him, "eating is a very intimate activity and can make for genuine satisfying experiences." He likes to compare designing to cooking, saying that a designer also 'cooks up' ideas, and experiments with new 'flavours' and combinations. 

Inspired by his Italian roots, he aims to translate his fascination into a great variety of luxurious products with a keen interest in food. Collaborating with professionals in the working field, like experienced restaurant chefs, metal workers and wood specialists, he wants to create a world where the consumer also plays a significant role in the experience of using a product. "Surprising designs and new implementations should lit another light on what design could be. Not merely products with a distinct functionality, but also implementing the human experience and social behaviours. Emotion is as much important as functionality." 

On the one hand he finds his way in designing food related products, where he maintains a certain artistic freedom where the poetical and conceptual ideas can come to life. On the other hand, when designing interior products like furniture or lighting, he challenges himself to engineer a product through every production stage  possible.  Between all this, Belli is specialized in 3d modelling and 3d rendering with almost photorealistic precision.